Serengetee Side Note


I know I know, I said Thailand stories were next, but this is too exciting not to share RIGHT NOW. This picture happens to support both Thailand and my new news. (Yes, that is a cicada)

I have been accepted to be a campus rep for Serengetee. Seren..what?

Sare-en-get-ee. Don’t worry, I couldn’t pronounce it either until about 4 months after I found out about the company.

I will be promoting (hence this blog post) and sharing the story of this amazing company.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with TOMS and have a dream of working there, or anywhere with a sole purpose of helping others. Like this one!

The company started in a dorm room after 3 students took a study abroad trip touring 15 different countries. Using the fabric from the different countries, they came up with the idea to make the pockets of t-shirts out of the fabric. They have now grown from t-shirts into many different styles and products such as crew necks, crop tops, fanny packs, headbands, and more. Yes I said fanny packs. 3 Steps

There are 3 simple steps.

1. Pick a fabric you like! Shop by category, cause, or country that you want to support!

2. Once you choose the fabric, you choose the product! Men, women, and now kids (link below). Choose from crew, v-neck, bro tank, long sleeve, crop top, or your favorite accessory. Fanny pack, 5 panel hat, cross body, headband, bracelet, or backpack.

3. Show it off to EVERYONE. There is a story behind every purchase. Bought “America” style? You just supported Veterans and their families through Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. Purchase “Krabi” and you help give access to clean drinking water in Thailand. Pretty neat right? Every fabric has a story, every story has a cause. Don’t miss out on Wear the World Wednesdays. Wear your gear, post a pic. #weartheworld

Warning: Each product is handcrafted and customized for your order, so make sure you get the right size, because returns are only allowed if it your product is defective. Serengetee has a whole webpage dedicated to sizing, so make sure to take a look before purchasing if you have any doubts about whether or not it will fit. (I kind of sound like a commercial, good thing I’m in Marketing)

I wore mine almost daily in Thailand, or as much as my Thai washing machine, called the sink allowed me to. I wore it on elephants, on top of mountains, eating cicadas…you know. I have a matching headband (which I did not wear together don’t worry) in support of Thailand. It was amazing to personally witness what the cause is all about. The water there is so polluted and foreigners cannot even drink it without getting sick. I am so lucky that Serengetee gave me this opportunity to become a part of the Wear the World, Change the World movement.


You will see much more this summer as I create brand awareness for this awesome company.

Spread the word… and wear the world.



Love and Stuff,


PS: I love their logo, how neat that I become a brand ambassador company that has all my loves in one ❤

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