The terrible C’s of our culture

Mindless purchasing and endless consumption with a side of convenience. The recipe for happiness according to the American way of life. Everything should be easily accessible and on our own terms, forgetting the impact it may have. All for our own selfish ambitions. I have learned this through multiple trips out of the country: we are…

Pancakes make everything better 

Pancakes – perfectly round, topped with anything, fluffy goodness. Some may scoff at pancakes saying they’re bland and full of carbs. But hey, it doesn’t have to be that way. Carbs aren’t all bad and there are plenty of recipes to make them a beneficial breakfast item. Don’t make me get defensive, because I will….

My Young Living journey

I left you hanging when I said that I use essential oils for everything and then failed to mention what I use and how I use them. Taking it back to my introduction of essential oils we know that there are three levels of essential oils. 100% therapeutic essential oils being the only oils suitable for…

Essential oil infused body butter

It’s so fluffy, you’re going to want to die. This past Christmas, I wanted to make homemade gifts using my essential oils. Body butter was on the list, but after doing research, I quickly crossed it out because it sounded way too complicated. After my bath bomb fail I was admitting defeat and moving on… And…

They put what in my mascara?!

You may think that what you put in your hair doesn’t get into your body. Nail polish sits on top of your nails and never really gets into your bloodstream right? This body butter says all-natural and has a picture of a coconut oil and lavender, it’s good for you! Natural cosmetics don’t work. WRONG….

Gentle moisturizing makeup wipes

Hello greatest thing ever. I will never buy another store-bought face wipe again. All you need is four ingredients…plus water. Plus they won’t damage your lashes, hurt your eyes, or leave residue. In fact, they’ll get the job done and provide your face with moisture and maybe even promote restful sleep. TO GET: 1 4 oz….


It was only a matter of time before I became a health freak. My grandma was one and passed it onto my mom, who of course passed it onto me. I grew up being conscious, but wasn’t always an advocate. I have since graduated college, slowly becoming a label reader, essential oil lover and nerd for…

What are essential oils?

You may have noticed the increase in essential oil infused products popping up on shelves everywhere. You may have even seen or bought the oils themselves from your local drug store or Target. Maybe you haven’t or have no idea I’m talking about.When you hear essential oil you think olive oil, coconut oil, etc. However,…


Impact: to have effect on. As a child, my curiosity got me in trouble. To the point where my parents would say, “Okay Katie, that’s enough questions for the day.” I laugh about it now. So curious about life, how it works and what it means. I am only beginning to put the pieces together,…

The Worst Decision That Ended up Being the Best Decision

10 years ago, I sat in my closet on the phone with my best friend, tears flowing down my face: “I think my we’re moving.” They were probably more than flowing, I was most likely sobbing. They hadn’t even told us yet. But I knew… I had a way of sensing when something was going on….

Social Media: the daily struggle to keep up

Brb deleting all social media. So I am sure all of you have seen the new Instagram update where you can add stories to your Instagram. If you haven’t, you probably heard the buzz about it. I started scrolling through Instagram stories much like Snapchat. Then I scurried my way through the Instagram pictures that were posted. Then I…


I may get this “monthly word post” thing down eventually, but I kinda like that you’ll never know when I’ll post the next word of the month. (Like you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for it) Anyways… June was hard. I came back from South Africa filled with love and Jesus….