Pancakes make everything better 

Pancakes – perfectly round, topped with anything, fluffy goodness.

Some may scoff at pancakes saying they’re bland and full of carbs. But hey, it doesn’t have to be that way. Carbs aren’t all bad and there are plenty of recipes to make them a beneficial breakfast item. Don’t make me get defensive, because I will. Pancakes are completely my jam. I’d eat them for every meal if I could. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?

Here are some tips for some pumped up cakes from a pancake fanatic. Happy national Pancake day. Celebrate accordingly.

1.       Replace syrup with agave, organic maple syrup or honey. Store-bought syrup pretty much takes your weekly daily amounted sugar intake and triples it. Not to mention, it’s not natural. Most syrup has high fructose corn syrup, tons of added sugar and unnatural flavoring. Organic maple syrup is actually a great way to give things a sweet flavor, so is honey. I also recommend local honey, which can have a positive impact on allergies and store bought honey could actually be …

2.       Add protein. Add protein powder to the mix or top your pancakes with your favorite nut butter. Better yet, throw the nuts into the mix. Crunchy goodness. I also have been known to throw an over easy egg on top and letting the yolk soak into the pancake. Yum.

3.       Throw in some berry power. Berries on top…yes. Again, you can throw them into the batter as well. I am a weirdo and will do almond butter and berries all one one.

4.       Kodiak Cakes. Invest now. They are made from organic wheat and rice flour and have 14 grams of protein. Super filling and taste amazing, despite what critics have to say about whole wheat flour. (my dad was skeptical, but he actually loves them)

5.       Fresh is best. Make them from scratch whenever possible or find a brand like Kodiak Cakes that doesn’t add a bunch of crap to the mix to make it readily available by adding water. It doesn’t take that much longer and the ingredients are so much fresher. Plus, the recipes to choose from are endless. Here’s a new personal fave and crowd pleaser (they’re healthy too)

The possibilities are endless. You can make pancakes with bananas and oats, you can add dark chocolate chips, flax seeds, chia…whatever your little heart desires. And this is why, pancakes will forever hold a separate compartment in my heart. (You think I am kidding, I am not.)

Love & Stuff,


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  1. Yes!! I realized that the maple syrup sold in stores is actually just maple flavored corn syrup 😷👎🏽👎🏽

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