The Worst Decision That Ended up Being the Best Decision

10 years ago, I sat in my closet on the phone with my best friend, tears flowing down my face: “I think my we’re moving.”

They were probably more than flowing, I was most likely sobbing. They hadn’t even told us yet. But I knew… I had a way of sensing when something was going on. Always have, always will.

But THIS was the end of the world. My whole life was spent in Jesup, Iowa. It’s all we had ever known. All of my friends were there, family was within walking distance and I hated meeting new people.

How could they do this to us?!

Because we were comfortable. And God had other plans for us. Bigger and better ones. Yet as humans, we want anything but being out of our comfort zone.

Human as I was (am), I hated my parents. For awhile actually. The new school was less than fantastic. I mean I was in middle school in the Jesup school district. Mature and all, with a locker and passing times (so I thought anyways.) Now, I was forced to go back to elementary school. I was the new girl. I was stared at, I was talked about and the tears fell everyday after school. I was uncomfortable.

I can’t speak for my brothers, but I know adjusting for them was hard as well. Corey was a freshman at the time headed to a high school four times the size of his current one and Caleb, well he was still a cute little elementary social butterfly. New church, new people…uncomfortable.

At the time I didn’t think of how it was affecting my parents. Who would when you think you have it the worst? Well I didn’t. Looking back I can’t imagine how they must have felt. My Dad working for another Chiropractor when he had been his own boss for years. My mom being the punching bag for her three kids’ emotions. The decision itself would have taken a toll.

Throughout the years, the word opportunity has filled conversations about our move. I don’t discount the life we lived in Jesup, because it was always a part of the plan. Each experience leads you on a path to another, and then another, and eventually it’s your story. For us, it included 10 years in Des Moines.

Although Des Moines probably won’t be the next 10 years for us three kids, that’s okay. Regardless, we were each given opportunities that changed who we were and it all started with a decision to choose obedience over comfort.

Now we’re here. I can’t wait to live uncomfortably wherever I am led.

Love & Stuff,



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