Social Media: the daily struggle to keep up

Brb deleting all social media.

So I am sure all of you have seen the new Instagram update where you can add stories to your Instagram. If you haven’t, you probably heard the buzz about it. I started scrolling through Instagram stories much like Snapchat. Then I scurried my way through the Instagram pictures that were posted. Then I went through the REAL Snapchat and hadn’t even made my way to Twitter or Facebook before I knew what each of my followers had for breakfast, who they ate lunch with, how their 2 hour afternoon nap was and what they  did with their night.

Don’t get me wrong, I love social media. Heck I’m putting together a plan to get a page at my current internship because they don’t have Facebook. I love photography and capturing moments to cherish and share with others. Wait… Cherish memories. Share with others…

Like I said, don’t get me wrong I’m actively seeking a career that involves social media…but when is enough enough? When did a communication and sharing tool turn into an ongoing battle for young people? As a user, we need to realize the negative impact social media has on our culture and our own personal well-being.

One of the biggest things I struggle with as a social media user is comparing myself to others. I compare myself to others ALL THE TIME. I think a lot would admit to being the same way, especially us women. You see the cutest couples and the most beautiful girls wearing the coolest outfit scroll across your screen and you can’t help but think about what yourself and how you compare to those people who exist in the social media world.

I actually find that I am happiest on the days where I don’t have time to get on social media because then I don’t have to compare my day in the office or my weekend away to what someone else is doing.

We can’t get enough. We come to know our followers as if we were living with them. You know what they did that day… and the day before…. and that one Thursday 10 years ago where they forgot to post a sweet picture that will get a ton of likes by throwing the hashtag TBT on it…

Social media results in conversation, good or bad which can also add to the desire for people to put more time and effort and staging to make the “perfect post.”

So my question is:

When will posting be something meaningful again? When will we realize that social media is a tool for memories, communication and sharing not the most likes and the largest amount of followers. I am all about being confident and posting what you want. I am also by no means telling you what to post, but rather THINK about your reason for posting the things you do. Are you posting that picture to make someone jealous? Or prove something to yourself. Or get the most likes so you can tell your friends?

If you realize you are posting for the wrong reasons, take some time away from it all. Time doing something you love, minus the phone. Realize things that are important to you and come back to it. You would be surprised at how much your life changes when you aren’t comparing yourselves to others and going through your day saying “ooh this would be a great post.” (Also guilty of this)

I don’t know. This may just be me, but sometimes I am overwhelmed with comparisons and find myself falling into the negative traps. And you’re right if you are thinking “she won’t delete all social media.” Because I am a people person who loves content, especially words and pictures. However, limiting my time on it and putting more thought into the WHY instead of the WHAT will be how I handle my own personal social media negativity.

Love & Stuff,


Ps: I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts and opinions on social media!

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