I may get this “monthly word post” thing down eventually, but I kinda like that you’ll never know when I’ll post the next word of the month. (Like you’re all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for it)


June was hard. I came back from South Africa filled with love and Jesus.

Next thing I knew I was thrown into a brand new job. A brand new corporate job. For a company that I still couldn’t explain when asked where I’d be spending my summer.

Yes, I am a college graduate, who took an internship and moved back in with her parents.

I guess the word I’m looking for is appreciation. Appreciation not only for the fact that I have a roof over my head, but because I’m back there because of them.

You heard right. I am thankful to be stuck at home unable to afford to live elsewhere.

I’m there because they chose not to give me a full ride on the parent train express to college. I worked. Every summer. All summer long. And wrote the check to Simpson College almost as fast as I was making it. I racked up loans that haunt me come September and worked all year long on top of getting a degree in 3 years and playing college soccer.

Paying for college left me with just right amount to keep me afloat until the next summer where I would do it all over again.

I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My education is appreciated. I took it seriously. I got involved. I valued it. I knew exactly who was paying each cent of that experience. Me.

So yes, I lay in my parents basement at night excited for the day I’ll have a place of my own. But for now, I thank them. Not only for the help along the way, but the motivation they gave me to invest in myself and my future. I will forever appreciate this.
Love& stuff,


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