2015.. My Year

2013 was tough.

2014 was one worth remembering.

2015….is my year.

Thailand in May term

Elephants dance through my dreams as I sleep. Thailand can not come soon enough. I am most excited to have my eyes opened to a new culture. Who knows… maybe I’ll pull a Blake Mycoskie and dream up ideas to start my own life changing company. That would be my dream, but for now I should focus on paying for the trip…

Big girl job

This summer I will say good-bye to fun shenanigans with my nanny kids of four years and will be getting an internship. I hope to find a job where I could see myself for the rest of my life. My dream is an internship at TOMS. However, I will be going wherever I am led. Whether that is Cali, Colorado, or good ol Des Moines… that is the question. Whatever happens, happens.

Senior year

2015 brings senior year. How, you might ask? I am choosing to graduate a year early. It’s bittersweet really. Leaving soccer and my friends will be tough. Will I miss out on the experience? Some of it probably, but that’s not how I look at it. Not only do I save $40,000 (hallelujah, yes I pay for most of my own college), but I get thrown out into the real world at a time when I can experience it to the fullest.

Here are a few of my favorite memories of 2014. (This was the hardest part…choosing which to include)








 IMG_9266 (2)


















2014 was a year of family, friends, and travel. I found new interests and took adventures whenever possible. Whether my adventure was cliff jumping in California or climbing grain bins in Iowa, I found joy in almost everything I did. I made the decision to try absolutely everything and anything and I grew immensely as a person. Most importantly I learned. I learned to let the small things go. I learned to be independent and set goals for myself. I learned to take risks, because life was too short not to. I learned that I have my grandma’s heart. I learned to be patient (although that one is still a work in progress). I wouldn’t change my life for anything and am more than excited for the many adventures God has planned for my future.

Goodbye 2014, hello 2015!



Love and Stuff,


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