Summer at OMPR

My summer internship ended today and summer ends this Sunday. It sure is bitter-sweet.

I spent lots of time with friends and experiencing things I never would have if I didn’t have a “JUST GO” attitude.

That “JUST GO” attitude is one that has certainly developed over time.

It seems like just yesterday I was sitting in my living room searching through hundreds of internships to find the one for me. Stress hit hard as I applied for 50+ internships, getting hired for zero.

God had another plan for me. “Katie, I’m going to teach you patience and trust.”

I am supposed to go on a 3 week trip to Thailand WITHOUT a job to come back to?! YES. Because something would work out and if I ended up being a waitress for the summer, it would be okay.

And it was. Crazy how He works.

In Thailand, I somehow got an email (through the power outage and sketchy wi-fi) one morning before we left on our adventures asking if I was still looking for an internship from the office of marketing and public relations at Simpson (OMPR). Running to the nearest modem so I could ensure that my email sent back I replied, “YES!”

Once I was back I was told I would be doing reporting and writing stories for the Simpson website this summer in OMPR. Immediately I panicked.

Flashbacks of Beginning Newswriting and Reporting fill my head. Failing two news stories for misspelling names.

Ruh-roh. I was going to hate it.

HA. I laugh at this now.

This has been the greatest internship thus far. I didn’t hate it, I LOVED it.

I walked into the office on the first day with sweaty palms saying to myself “don’t mess this up”. Now it seems silly, because I have learned SO much over the summer.

First, I learned what amazing people are behind the scenes of public relations at Simpson. If you haven’t ever made the trek up to 3rd floor Hillman Hall, you should. “The Clubhouse” as my boss referred to it as.

There are 7 people in the office and by the end of the summer I got to know each one really well. They have fun, but are serious when needed. I hope to have those lasting relationships, because those people rock.

I learned that I AM a good writer. Confidence is a HUGE factor, which I know so well by now. My boss played a huge role in this, instilling confidence in every piece I wrote, making sure to criticize in order to make me that much better. Without his support, I would have given up. After my first couple stories, I was surprised I still had a job. But my boss just said, “I want you to put a little character in your stories.”

That I did. I ran with it, putting my own personality and voice into my work.

It worked. Words came easy to me the more I wrote. I met some amazing people with some amazing stories and this will be an experience I will never forget.

This is why God placed me in OMPR. To learn. To tell the story of a passionate and personable coach, or  student who was able to attend the school of her dreams after overcoming many obstacles. To gain confidence.

I’m hoping maybe I’ve gotten so good, that I can write papers faster for class. Maybe this means more Netflix time!! How sweet it is…

I reflect on who I was before Thailand and who I am at 8:13 PM on Tuesday the 19th and say to myself, wow look how much has changed, look how much YOU have changed. By the end of next week, who knows I could grow even a little more. College is cool that way, making it a little more bitter than sweet to be graduating this May. But hey, I’m not done adventuring…or learning and I don’t think I ever will be.


Love and Stuff,


PS: You can read my stories on the Simpson website, or on my LinkedIn profile. 🙂

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