A Girl and her Dad

This one’s for you Dad.

Dad and i

My weatherman, superman, and spiritual-leader-man straight out of a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Originally, I had created a post about parents in general, but after reading the second chapter of  “Redefining Beautiful” by Jenna Lucado I knew what I needed to do (Sorry mom, I still love you equally as much don’t worry).

Jenna Lucado pretty much hits the nail on the head with this one.

“The most important ingredient in any women’s life is her relationship with her father.”

As true as this is for me, it also makes my heart hurt for all of those without a father or without a relationship with theirs. You can have some of mine, because he’s more than willing and more than enough amazing for only one daughter.

That’s why I consider myself the luckiest.


My dad:

Who puts anyone and everyone before himself.

Who rushes to the stadium to adjust a teammate with a rib out before the game.

Who, one week post-knee-surgery adjusted my team, parents, coaches and athletic trainers.

(He’s a Chiropractor for those who are wondering what the heck “adjusting” means.)

I don’t think he ever thinks of what he does as a job, but a passion that he gets to fulfill every day.

I strive to be able to do the same someday.


My Dad:

Who does the little things.

Who sends me quotes for my quote wall as well as before EVERY game, throwing in an occasional pump up CD here and there.

Who picks flowers to put in my place at the table.

Who fills my car with gas without me knowing and made sure to give me a weather report every morning before I went to school in high school.

Who would be at Simpson in two seconds if I asked him to.


My Dad:

Who provides.

Who is the best listener.

Who sets an example of the husband I want for myself someday, making sure I don’t settle.

Who knows the right time and place for his life advice.

Who supports every decision and encourages me to dream even if it means sending his “sweet pea” to another state or even country.


My dad:

Who gives the best hugs.

Who tries to act tough, but on the inside has the kindest heart.

Who finds me hilarious (God bless him, someone has to).


So thank you Dad.


For being everything a little girl needs in a father, from diapers to dresses.

For being the man I hope to find myself someday.

For laughing at those jokes that aren’t funny.

For giving me a family like no other.

For your sweet tooth and shared love for chocolate.

And for sharing your wisdom too. Even though I may not have appreciated it in high school, I am SO SO thankful for it all now.


And for most importantly, thank you for loving me.


Growing up and especially during our teenage years, we take our parents for granted. We take take take, but never give. Then you start to grow up and stuff (blah) and realize how amazing everything they have done for you really is. You realize that without them, you wouldn’t be the person you are today. I want to give back to you everything and more that you have given me.


So Dad, count on me to join you in the “pimp walk” down the halls of the nursing home and sneak in sweets when Mom cuts you off.

Dad and I baby-edited


Your Sweet Pea



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  1. Chloe Crain says:

    Wow. I love this. Beautifully written.

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