The Search Begins.

The time has come, first semester has ended and my second and final semester of college will be here before I know it.

Every person I come across asks me the same thing…

“What are you going to do after graduation?”

To that I usually smile as I try to come up with the answer.

The answer which I can’t even answer myself.

I’m not completely lost. I do know what I want and don’t want after I walk across that stage.

I want to make a difference. I want to use my marketing and public relations degree somewhere that has the same mission. I want to continue to learn new things. I want to go somewhere new, experience new things and grow my resume.

I don’t want to work in a corporate setting. I want to do nonprofit or mission work.


So while you’re asking me, I’m asking myself.

HELP. I know that the phrase reigns true that it’s all about who you know. If there are any organizations, places to travel, things to do, organizations that might be a good opportunity for me, I would love to here all about it.

My passions are:




Holistic Health

Public Relations

Mission work

TOMS, Serengetee, The Giving Keys, Half-United, any non-profit organization.. big or small


If you have connections, live in a cool place and are willing to have a new roommate, or just have suggestions of organizations to seek out, please let me know via Facebook or email. Pass my name along to friends and family and share this post.


Like my favorite song states:

“Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander.”


This is my prayer and I know that wherever I am meant to go is where I will end up.


Thank you all in advance for helping put a few pieces of the puzzle together for my future.


Love & Stuff,



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