That’s a wrap

That’s a wrap on the best year thus far. I had so many great experiences and learned a lot about myself. This year,  I decided to go with an A-Z list of a few of my favorite things from 2015 because let’s be real, you’ll be reading as you try to rally before the Iowa game or creating the greatest insta collage of your 2015.


A: Answered every “what are you doing after graduation” question with an “um” and I’m okay with it.

B: Ben Rector. Who brought in a “Brand New” (no pun intended) album and a “Brand New” tour. Who played piano in the misty rain in Kansas City giving me more joy than a kid at Christmas. See you in Des Moines, Kansas City and possibly Denver in 2016. ❤

C:  Conquered my fear of snakes. Just kidding. That will never happen.

D: Diagnosed my trypophobia: a pathological fear of holes, particularly in irregular patterns of holes. If you were planning on getting me a lotus flower anytime soon, don’t. Thanks Dr. Meredith aka BFF for my diagnosis.

Meredith: Can you handle honeycombs?

Me: Oh, I love honeycombs. Wait, you weren’t talking about the cereal… no can’t handle honeycombs.


E: Elephants. Met them, rode them, loved them.

F: Finally legal. Holla for being 21 and still looking half my age and getting questioned every time I show my I.D.

G: Got a tattoo.

H: Held of office of Vice President for PRSSA at Simpson. As VP, it is my responsibility to recruit all of you to our chapter. We have fun, get stuff done and eat food at networking luncheons. Roll storm.

I: Invested too many hours into puzzling. Yes, I will rock it in the nursing home someday.

J: Jumped off another cliff and messed up my neck. Totally worth it. My Dad might think differently, but thanks to him I recovered.

K: Kefir. The life saving bacteria my mom grew to get rid of the bug I caught in Thailand. Shoutout to those smoothies every morning before work.

L: Learned how beautiful life can be when you change perspectives and attitudes.

M: Mini trips with friends and family. St. Louis, Kansas City and Denver you rock for giving me little getaways throughout the year.

N: Nancy Drew… sharpened my super sleuth skills and well on my way to completing every mystery Nancy ever found herself in. Nerd.

O: Office of Marketing and Public Relations at Simpson College. Where I found my passion for writing feature stories and met some really great people.

P: Powered through 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother in 6 weeks and I’m still bitter about the ending. Not bitter about the fact that it is the greatest show ever.

Q: Quiet reflection. My new favorite hobby as I took in every new experience life threw at me.

R: Ran 407.77 miles this year. 15.56 marathons!!!

S: Said good-bye to soccer after kicking it for 16 years.

T: Thailand. Where I caught the travel bug, falling in love with The Land of Smiles.

U: Underestimated myself.

V: Vision caught for working for or creating a non-profit company. Something that gives one when you buy one, using old t-shirts. Don’t take my idea now 😉

W: Wanted to run a marathon, that’s as far as I got.

X: Ex’s and Oh’s.

Y: Yelled my lungs out for the U.S Women’s team in Canada watching their first game vs. Australia.

Z: Zzzz. The amount of sleep lost this semester to keep up with my college experience was unrecoverable, probably the reason I am sitting here on New Years Eve wishing I was in my bed and not putting on makeup to go out.


Looking forward to another amazing year as I graduate from Simpson College and move on to the next stage of life.


Love & Stuff,


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