Which apparently come to me at 6 a.m. when I haven’t had a wink of sleep all night.


So powerful, we often don’t stop to realize it.


The ability to build someone up, or tear someone down…

to encourage

to ensure trust

to prove innocence

to enthrall knowledge

to inform

to create understanding

and communicate ideas

at the same time, words have the ability to be the very opposite of every single one of those words.

No words at all implies something else entirely, giving a different power to words.

So why do we discount the existence of words.

Society has destroyed the significance of some words.

“I love you.”

“I hate you.”

Thrown around, meaning changes.

At the same time, society is careful with words, making sure each publication says exactly what they mean and nothing more.

One word and the meaning of the story could be misconstrued.


We are told, “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”

In reality, words hurt. Words have meaning and inspire emotion.

Emotion that can be positive.

A simple, hi on a running trail on your morning jog or small conversation with your barista as you grab a coffee before work. A text to your significant other when you think of them. An email to your grandma saying you miss her. Thoughtfulness and words go hand in hand are the difference between happiness and heartbreak.

Where do we draw the line between taking them seriously or dubbing them unworthy of our time. Who is to judge whether words are supposed to hurt or help?

This is where tone, usage and interpretation come in.


You decide.

You decide whether the person you had the conversation with feels joy as you compliment them.

You decide whether your anger shows through in tone as the words “It’s fine” flow from your mouth when you’re mind tells you it’s not fine.

Be sincere with your words.

Words might hurt.

I can tell you to be strong, don’t let words hurt you, but there are SO many words, SO many meanings and SO many ways to interpret them.

And in a world full of technology, words and interpretation do not go hand in hand.

Have more in person conversation. It’s hard, but its genuine.

If we all learn to think through these things it becomes simple. It becomes balanced. A balance between meaningful wording and interpretation.

Two seconds of thought could be the difference between a smile or tears. Be honest. Be kind. Be real.

Most importantly take time to think when you listen too. Did those words really hurt me? Am I taking something out of context? What situation might that person be in where it would have come off the wrong way?

Sometimes tears are involved, but in the end, find a reason to turn a hurt into a help. This is life anyways, lessons are fun.

Love & Stuff,


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