9 Reasons Why I Dream of Living on the West Coast

I have taken two trips in the past year, California in March and Oregon most recently in July. I have absolutely fallen in love with these states and although it may be a pipe dream, I could see myself settling out west. Here are the many reasons why:

Caution: Before reading, know that I am not a master traveler (yet) so read accordingly ūüôā


1. No humidity: 100 degrees in Cali would feel like 110 in Iowa with the whopping 95% humidity where I come from. The hair on my head, I claim the mane, thoroughly enjoyed the dry air. I could walk outside without feeling like this little guy featured above.












2. The beaches: You may say, well there are beaches on the east coast too!! Well I seem to be drawn to the Pacific, maybe my reasoning going back to #1, the humidity. I think we all can agree though, that living near a beach whether south, east, or west, is the ideal package. That package including runs through the sand by morning, sun bathing or castle building by day, and beach fires by night.





3. The hiking:¬†The saying “Everything in Iowa is flat” is 99.9% true. Hiking in Iowa happens, but I wouldn’t say counts after hiking in California and Oregon.


4. Climate:¬†No below 0 temperatures or snow ¬†in most areas on the west coast?! Count me in. Oregon though, I would prefer if it didn’t rain so much. I do not use the phrase hate very often, but i HATE Iowa winters. I usually find myself bundled in 3 layers of North Face apparel in temps where your car won’t even start. Meanwhile, the Californians go running for their parkas and UGGS whenever the temperature drops below 60.


5. Acai Bowls:¬†If there were acai bowls in Iowa, I would have no reason to eat ice cream ever again. Fresh fruit, granola, honey, you name it and its healthy, it’s an option. We don’t have access to as many of the fresh ingredients, but they should still make their way across the country and give frozen yogurt a run for their money.


6. The sun: Yes it rains 99.9% of the time in Oregon and Washington, so this one applies to California. I am pretty well educated however, this may sound a bit silly. The sun is different on the west coast, how you might ask? For a fair skinned blondie like me, all I know is that I tan faster, better, and longer in Cali.  Someone can inform me, but disclaimer, I am likely not to listen (my genius brother already tries). All I care about is that radiant glow, so bring on the cancer rays.


7. The sunsets:¬†Can you say perfect? In the valley, on the beach, or in the mountains¬†high above the land. There is something so peaceful about a sunset. Maybe its the fact that where we are, it’s a goodnight kiss from the universe, but somewhere across the world, it is the beginning of a new day.





8. Ungodly amount of adventure:¬†Pictures above. Enough said. If I could post them all, I would. ¬†Hiking in general was my favorite, because each hike had its own¬†adventure. Sitting under a beautifully huge waterfall was an experience I’ll never forget. Cliff jumping however, was more than just a 20 second rush. Swimming out to the rock=hard work. Climbing up the rock=hard work. Swimming through seaweed=something you DO NOT get used to no matter how many times you do it. Upon waiting for my best friend and her friend to join me on the rock, I spent time on top taking it all in. Out of breath, but in awe of the beauty. Want a perfect place away from everything to clear your head? Climb a rock in the middle of the ocean. Below is the link to my cliff jumping adventure. ūüôā



unnamed (1)

Food:¬†Fresh fish, berries, and veggies. Iowa has corn, amazing corn I’ll give them that, but the berries and salmon are enough to send me out West. Locally grown=fresh. Needless to say freshness is my thing.

9. Hospitality:¬†It may just be an Oregon thing, but everywhere I went I got compliments. And I know it’s not just my good looks ūüėČ I got genuine comments from random strangers which is something I do not see or hear often around the Midwest. I even got compliments on the mane… and let me tell you, THAT makes a woman feel good.¬†I am not dissing on where I come from, but come on Midwest we need to step up the friendliness.


I am proud to say that all the pictures (except the fluffball at the top) were either taken by me or of me by someone else I was traveling with. Just doing what I love, in the beautiful world God put us in.

IMG_6110 (3)
Love and Stuff, KT


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