“Team Work Makes the Dream Work”: DIY Dreamcatchers and coconut oil popcorn

Summer is quickly coming to an end at all the wrong times. My friends and I are having so much fun and will now have to say goodbye. Before we said goodbye, nights were filled to the max including Pinterest and popcorn…until 3 AM I might add. 




Mini naps, Lots of Laughter, and Tired Eyes.


Even Ella didn’t want to miss out on the girls night, but had lots of trouble staying awake. It was way past her bedtime.








Materials needed:

Metal or plastic embroidery hoop


Hot glue gun





*(All of your choice)


We started off wrapping the embroidery hoop with ribbon to cover the ugly metal , hot gluing at the ends to hold it to the hoop. We each had different ribbon to make it our own.

Wrapped hoop.

After wrapping the hoop, we started on the design through the center using twine. This was where it got a little complicated. We tried so many different methods from Pinterest, but eventually ended up doing it our own way making whatever design we could by placing the string across and over each other. The problem we had was that the string would not stay tight and in place. Many times the string fell off and we had to start over. We figured out that you have to wrap it around twice on the hoop when you take it to the outside, or place hot glue over the string to keep it in place.

Twine design in the middle.

Then came the fun part, making it unique. We bought charms of our favorite animals to tie to the top shown in the picture below. Hang different ribbon, string, yarn, beads, whatever you want from the bottom of the hoop. We tied most of ours, but glue works too. Feathers are a must, but were a lot harder to add onto the hoop than we thought it would be. You could buy large feathers and glue them directly to the hoop and let them hang down, or they can be glued to string or hemp and placed on the bottom of the hoop like we did.

Final product.

We all worked (way too hard and way too late) on our dream catchers fighting through many red0s, so some stress relief was needed for a few of us. My favorite snack: popcorn. It was straight DEVOURED. Some day I hope to devote a whole post JUST to popcorn, but for now I’ll share this new favorite straight from a great uncle in Oregon 🙂



Coconut Oil Popcorn

4 TBS Coconut oil of your choice

1/4 cup of white corn kernels or 1/3 cup if you have a hungry crowd

Sprinkled with Sea Salt

M&M’s for added yum 🙂


Place the oil and kernels in the whirly pop and place on medium heat. Stir with the handle slowly for a couple minutes until you hear popping, keep stirring until there are a few seconds between pops. Remove from heat and dump it into a big bowl. Sprinkle on the Sea Salt and there you have it. Love this super easy, healthy choice for a salty sweet snack. Everything can be adjusted according to taste. 🙂 Don’t forget the M&M’s!!


Love and Stuff,


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